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What Organic Means To Us At Four Season Farm

Four Season Farm in Harborside, Maine, has been farmed organically since its inception in 1968. However, we are NOT “USDA Certified Organic.”

We believe our production practices reflect how organic farming should be done to produce clean, wholesome food. We proudly advertise our produce as GUARANTEED REAL ORGANIC. We invite you to join us.

1. First, for uncompromised nutritional value all crops must be grown in a biologically active, fertile soil attached to the earth and nourished by the natural biological activities of that soil. There are so many important soil processes that we could not replace even if we wanted to, because we are still unaware of all the benefits they contribute.

2. Second, soil fertility should be maintained principally with farm-derived organic matter and mineral particles from ground rock. Why take the chance of bringing in polluted material from industrial sources when fertility can be created and maintained internally?

3. Third, green manures, cover crops, and grazed pastures must be included within broadly based crop rotations to enhance biological diversity. The greater the variety of plants and animals on the farm, the more stable the system.

4. Fourth, a “plant positive” rather than a “pest negative” philosophy is vital. The focus must be on correcting the cause of pest problems by strengthening the plant through optimum growing conditions to prevent pests, rather than merely treating the symptom by trying to kill the pests that prey on weak plants. More and more scientific evidence is available today on the mechanisms by which a biologically active fertile soil creates induced resistance in the crops.

5. Fifth, livestock must be raised outdoors on grass-based pasture systems to the fullest extent possible. Farm animals are an integral factor in the symbiosis of soil fertility on the organic farm.


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"Information is like compost; it does no good unless you spread it around."

- Eliot Coleman