Four Season Farm offers a unique and highly sought-after opportunity to learn from the best in innovative four season farming practices, as well as the potential to graduate to taking over the day to day operations and management of the farm. We maintain a small crew of paid farm employees led by a Farm Manager and Assistant Farm Manager. For all crew members, we favor people with at least one year of farming experience, and an interest in farming as a career. The work will be demanding both physically and mentally, but also educational, fun, and socially engaging. All positions require full commitment and legal U.S. employment qualification to ensure the proper functioning of the farm – serious applicants only.

Clara Coleman operates the farm business, and is responsible for hiring decisions and managing employee personnel. Eliot Coleman and Barbara Damrosch are primarily involved with tool development and flower production. They reside on the farm property and periodically interact and engage with the Farm Manager and crew members. Occasionally a farm lunch is shared all together as an opportunity to connect and exchange ideas.

All positions are currently filled for the 2021 season, but we will begin accepting applications for the Farm Manager and Assistant Farm Manager training positions as well as seasonal crew positions in December 2021. The Farm Manager and Assistant Farm Manager training positions begin in April 2022, and the seasonal crew positions begin in May 2022. To learn more information about these opportunities, please email Clara at fourseasonfarmmaine @

Write or visit us at:
Four Season Farm
609 Weir Cove Road
Harborside, ME 04642

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Email us at:

For Clara Coleman: fourseasonfarmmaine @
For Eliot or Barbara: contact @

Check social media for updates, events, and other announcements.

Instagram: @fourseasonfarm

Facebook: Four Season Farm’s Facebook page


We have an open visitor policy. For the most part anyone is welcome at any time to come and look around at what we do and how we do it. We try to be hospitable so if you see one of us or one of our employees please say hello and ask any questions you may have. BUT, and this is important, understand that we are all quite busy and we do not usually have time for much talk. WE DO NOT DO FARM TOURS, but you are welcome to self-tour anytime.

On Saturdays May through October 10am-12pm when our farm stand is open, you are more likely to find someone who can answer questions. Check Facebook and Instagram for our farm stand’s dates and times.

Our commitment to our work at the farm leaves us little time for travel. Occasionally Eliot, Barbara, and Clara are available for speaking engagements. We each charge a set fee, plus all travel expenses. Write to fourseasonfarmmaine @ or contact @ to inquire about availability.

The Winter Harvest Handbook has answers to this question, and much more. Also see our How We Farm and Resources pages.

Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates, events, and other announcements.