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We maintain a small crew of paid farm workers. We favor people with at least one or two years of farming experience, and an interest in farming as a career. To apply, see below.


Four Season Farm is hiring! We are seeking two individuals as a couple for the positions of Assistant Farm Managers beginning December 2018 until the following December 2019.

Four Season Farm offers a unique and highly sought-after opportunity to learn from the best in innovative four season farming practices. The work will be demanding both physically and mentally, but also educational, fun, and socially engaging. These positions require full commitment to ensure the proper functioning of the farm – serious applicants only.


  • Plant House propagation management (seed starting, soil blocking, potting on, etc.);
  • Soil bed preparation, fertilization and irrigation;
  • Successive plantings (direct seeding & transplanting) of crops
  • Preventive management and control of weeds, insect pests and pest diseases;
  • Implementation and maintenance of greenhouse crops;
  • Harvesting, packing and storage of vegetables;
  • Sales management including order availability, compiling harvest lists, and invoicing;
  • Preparation of wholesale & restaurant orders and delivery;
  • Sale of products from the farm to the weekly Farm Stand or Winter Market farmer’s market;
  • Care of laying hens on a weekly rotational basis.


  • Seeks to advance their agricultural knowledge with the aim of starting their own farming business in the next 2-3 years;
  • Has a good level of experience in market gardening (1-2 seasons);
  • Capacity for physical work under variable weather conditions;
  • Ease of working independently and in teams, and managing efficient work flow;
  • Attention to detail and work well done;
  • Openness, willingness to live in cohabitation with other colleagues & volunteers;
  • Has a valid driver’s license;


  • Practical application of our four season farming production systems;
  • An overview of the challenges inherent in starting a diversified, small-scale organic farm;
  • Experience in direct marketing and wholesale;
  • Development of communication, management, and leadership skills;
  • Access to Eliot’s extensive agricultural library with over 50 years of collected works.


  • Full-time position (40-48 hours);
  • Schedule from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, including one unpaid hour for lunch, as well as a rotating weekend day for Farm Stand/Winter Market with other members of team;
  • Salary of $10 per hour, with potential raise after first 3 months;
  • Trial period of 3 months from the date of hire;
  • On-site accommodation for a couple will be provided at the farm; 
  • Transportation is the responsibility of the employees; 
  • Access to the extra vegetables & eggs from the farm, but any other purchase of food will be the responsibility of the employees.


Your application must include these 3 things, otherwise it will not be accepted:

  1. A resume, including references.
  2. A short letter expressing your motivation for the position and your short and long term aspirations
  3. A letter of recommendation from a farmer for whom you have worked.

Successful applicants will also be invited to work a day at the farm to meet with Eliot, Barbara, Clara, and the current team. If you are unable to come to the farm for a working interview, your application will not be given top priority for consideration.

Please send your application to the following e-mail address: fourseasonfarmmaine @ gmail.com.

The Winter Harvest Handbook has answers to this question, and much more. Also see our How We Farm and Resources pages.

Our commitment to our work at the farm leaves us little time for travel. Occasionally Eliot, Barbara, and Clara are available for speaking engagements. We each charge a set fee, plus all travel expenses. Write to contact @ fourseasonfarm.com to inquire about availability.

We have an open visitor policy. For the most part anyone is welcome at any time to come and look around at what we do and how we do it. We try to be hospitable so if you see one of us or one of our employees please say hello and ask any questions you may have. BUT, and this is important, understand that we are all quite busy and we don’t usually have time for much talk or to give farm tours.

On days when the farm stand is open, you are more likely to find someone who can answer questions. Check our Facebook page for the farmstand’s dates and times.

Check our Facebook page for updates, events, and other announcements.