Clara Coleman

Clara Coleman is a second-generation organic farmer, consultant, writer, TEDx and keynote speaker on sustainable four-season farming. Clara and her two sons live at Four Season Farm, where she co-manages the farm with her father Eliot, step-mother Barbara Damrosch, and partner Charles Finks.

Clara has worked as the four-season farm specialist and video blog host for Rimol Greenhouses in New Hampshire, and on the Advisory Board of Food Tank. She consults with many sustainable agriculture organizations including Maine Farmland Trust, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, and The Center for Discovery in New York. At Wegmans Food Markets she worked to expand four-season farming methods on their organic farm in upstate New York and with the farming partners who supply Wegmans stores with year-round produce.

Other past experience includes Divide Creek Farm – an organic, intensively-managed two-acre four-season vegetable farm that she ran in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado for three years. Like her father, she is a proponent of the ‘small is better’ model of farming, advocating business growth through improved efficiency, innovative production methods, farmer collaboration and direct customer marketing.

She currently consults on farm practices, and promotes the work of Slow Tools and Farm Hack to further the collaboration between farmers, engineers, and makers of innovative tools. She also does farming workshops and speaking engagements nationwide as a means to inspire and encourage the next generation of farmers.

“Care and artistry are worth the trouble. They can be a satisfaction to the practitioner and a joy to all beholders.”

- Helen Nearing

“Good gardening is very simple, really. You just have to learn to think like a plant.”

- Barbara Damrosch

“Do the best that you can in the place where you are, and be kind.”

- Scott Nearing

“We can discover such civilized eating again.”

- Eliot Coleman

Clara is a second-generation organic farmer, consultant, writer, and keynote speaker on sustainable four-season farming.